Hello and welcome to the official home for SimWorld and the SimWorld Television channels!  This is your opportunity to join games guru, Nathaniel Jackson, as he shows off the previous series MineCraft Adventures, the current series Cities: Skylines, American Truck Simulator, Need For Speed, and our web exclusive The Sims Legacy Story.

Follow Nathaniel as he plays the role of the “Sim God” inside the legacy story of the Altman family as they grow up generation to generation. Join Nathaniel each week on Sundays with SimWorld Television & SimWorld Television 2 as he works to become the mayor, traffic engineer, city planner, and emergency management director for various cities – including his very own Topeka.  Watch Nathaniel master the roads of North America and become the entrepreneur of SimWorld Driving Co. inside American Truck Simulator. Finally, watch Nathaniel race among others in the fastest cars of America from Ford, Nissan, Porsche and other top racing brands in Need For Speed: Most Wanted & Need For Speed: The Run – oh yeah, not to mention outrun the cops from being arrested also.

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Latest Updates & Episodes

Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters & Mass Transit

Cities: Skylines

Birth of Suburban Villages

Today we are starting fresh with Cities Skylines: Green Cities, the newest expansion pack.

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator

Return of SimWorld Driving Co.

We are back on the road with setting up our garage for SimWorld Driving Company with American Truck Simulator.

Need For Speed

Need For Speed

Recap: Need For Speed Host’s Choice

Today's the guru's choice for the Need For Speed edition, tune in and cheer on and chat with other Simmers!

The Sims Legacy Story

Upgrades & Losses

Upgrades are pretty sweet; they also come with a price tag.

MineCraft Adventures

MineCraft Adventures: Season 3, Episode 2

We wrap up our home base and greenhouse builds, then begin our mining expedition.