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Follow Nathaniel as he plays the role of the “Sim God” inside the legacy story of the Altman family as they grow up generation to generation. Join Nathaniel each week on SimWorld TV as he becomes the city planner, traffic engineer and mayor for Chilchinbito – a town population of near 60,000. Watch Nathaniel master the roads of California, Arizona, and Nevada and become the entrepreneur of SimWorld Driving Co. inside American Truck Simulator. Follow Nathaniel as he explores, builds and forages inside the world of unknowns escaping the dangers of creepers, zombies, and skeletonmen in MineCraft.

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Latest Updates & Episodes

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator No. 29

We check on the welfare of the San Diego flagship. From there, we will head once again deliver more cargo.

Cities Skylines: Snowfall

Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters

Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters No. 78

We address construction being done in Topeka then continue building neighborhood streets.

MineCraft Adventures

State of the SimWorld: 2017

New Year’s Day is almost here and it is time once again for the State of the SimWorld!

The Sims Legacy Story

The Sims Legacy Story

Week 20: Liana Ages to Teenager; Denver is Expecting

Liana, the first-born child between Geoffrey and Denver has her birthday. Liana applies for a part-time job. While after having some fun together with Layne, Denver learned she is expecting another child.