State of the SimWorld: 2017

New Year’s Day is almost here and it is time once again for the State of the SimWorld!

Hello, Simmers! It is that time of the year once again as we have the annual “State of the SimWorld.” This time in 2017, we say goodbye to MineCraft Adventures, which ended in November due to the lack of interest and falling viewership. Even though we change over the calendar to a new year, you are able to go back to watch all of the MineCraft Adventures episodes and live broadcasts on-demand with SimWorld Television, and on the website 24/7.

In the absence of MineCraft Adventures leaving, a new game series is being added to the lineup that is still being developed, as only the beta mode is available to the public. This new game series will present itself as challenging and exciting as we welcome from Amplitude Studios in France, Endless Space 2. Endless Space 2 is a role-based strategy game where a player has the opportunity to work with ten uniquely developed empires. To win, you have a series of challenges and requirements for victories such as building a robust economic model, diplomatic state, expansionary and supremacy roles. Endless Space 2 can be played with eight players at one time, or with eight automated players. Each player colonizes a different star system, which has six habitable or inhabitable planets. As with any of the SimWorld game series, modding is an option. Endless Space 2 will be available with all other SimWorld Television series on Sunday, January 8.

While the decision was a difficult choice, I have decided in not returning back to college this next semester. While taking a sabbatical from the spring and summer semesters, I will pursue other activities. While returning to the Summer BlockFest schedule was one option I considered, it did also play a responsibility of more time away from other opportunities as I would had to produce and make sure episodes went to the air on time on the main channel. Furthermore, I decidedly to continue the SimWorld: Live Sundays. While this makes it easier for my time later in the week, it also gives the interactive option still to be in the game series. In the next week, I will be updating the SimWorld: Live page to reflect the new schedule, which is also seen below.

In addition to the new timetable being released, I am also announcing the return of the exclusive web series; The Sims Legacy Story to come back with Week 16, in a battle to keep their relationship Denver is having an affair with Layne Reyes. What Geoffrey, Denver’s husband has no clue about is Layne and Denver have their own child Javonte and is being raised under the same roof as Geoffrey! Watch as the affair boils up to a point where Geoffrey demands a divorce in the coming weeks. If that was not enough, watch how this affects the children. How will Ephrem, Leland, and Liana take this? Watch as Week 16 returns to the website starting on Saturday, January 14!

Game Series TitleMain Channel Start TimeSecondary Channel Start Time
Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters10:00 am Eastern12:00 pm Eastern
American Truck Simulator2:00 pm Eastern4:00 pm Eastern
Endless Space 27:00 pm Eastern9:00 pm Eastern

When does each game series return?

  • The Sims Legacy Story – Saturday, January 14
    • Web Exclusive (Not for SimWorld Television)
  • Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters – Sunday, January 8
  • American Truck Simulator – Sunday, January 8
  • Endless Space 2 – Sunday, January 8

State of the SimWorld: 2017


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