Upgrades & Losses

Upgrades are pretty sweet; they also come with a price tag.


With the broadcast season over for the SimWorld Television channels, the timing was right for the opportunity to upgrade the game server from Microsoft Windows 7 Professional to Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise. 

Having this upgrade will allow the games to perform better, on an updated operating system. However there came a hefty price tag with that upgrade, while doing our best to retain the production elements for the switcher, and game content files for The Sims and our saves from Cities: Skylines. Installation was not allowing me to proceed without a clean start, be that as it may I gave in for this to occur. 

After spending several hours today installing the required essential applications, including the broadcast switcher. All games were reinstalled, minus the content that went with the games. Seeing that this has happened, it could be good for a fresh start in all of the game series. We will begin with a new family inside the The Sims Legacy Story, as for Cities: Skylines, I am very disappointed that I am having to give up on Topeka after eight hard months getting that together. We just barely made it to our current population, and I wanted to test out light rail, commuter rail ― the things I wish our city council and county commissioners would consider for making better improvements, not to mention see how our city would handle in an earthquake since we are close to a fault that has been becoming more active. 

With my semester at the university beginning, and extracurricular work involved picking up I will not be as focused on SimWorld, but before I get going I will clean up the website from The Sims Legacy Story posts and media. In addition I will plan on start producing new production elements for SimWorld: Live’s return as well for the switcher as all those were lost in the transition. 

All in all, transition for better upgrades are good even if there are bittersweet moments being lost along the way.

Happy Simming Simmers!

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Nathaniel Jackson, SimWorld Games Guru