Welcome to Cities: Skylines!

After the failure of Maxis’ long-time series SimCity tragically ending in 2013.  Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive in March 2015 released what would soon become the popular new city building simulation series, Cities: Skylines.  In September 2015, Cities: Skylines released its first expansion pack six months after the initial launch. This expansion pack, Cities Skylines: After Dark is now featured on SimWorld TV.  In this newly developed series for SimWorld, follow games guru Nathaniel Jackson, as he once again becomes the mayor, city planner and traffic engineer for Allendale.  A community that will soon thrive for attention and growth in this Midwest region that has become the home.  In each episode or SimWord: Live broadcast follow Nathaniel where he builds, strategizes and becomes the mayor of Allendale.

Below is a list of the episodes of Cities: Skylines.