MineCraft Adventures S2-E33

We close out Season 2 of MineCraft Adventures with setting up the remaining explosives, and take down the lookout tower, mountain cave, and East Plateau homes.


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MineCraft Adventures S2-E33

In this episode of MineCraft Adventures, because of missing out on SimWorld: Live on Sunday, November 13. I went ahead and taped an edited version of setting up the explosive charges for the lookout tower, bridge, and mountain cave home. Once then I detonated the charges in stages. We finished with the East Plateau home and connecting ladder.

To close out Season 2, it would not be appropriate without a fly-through of the destruction and credits of those who made SimWorld TV, MineCraft possible.

Next weekend, on Sunday, November 20 we go back in time to where it all began for MineCraft Adventures in the series finale. This will take place LIVE as part of SimWorld: Live at 3 p.m. Eastern.

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