Welcome to MineCraft Adventures!

It was about one year ago while visiting my nephew Rory in Portland that I discovered what MineCraft truly is. After adding my first walk-through video on June 23, 2014… it was not until later that day I made a ridiculous long almost four-hour video of MineCraft Adventures. At the time the name of the series was “Let’s Play MineCraft with Nathaniel” until I came up with a more stylish cool name – MineCraft Adventures. Over the last year, I have developed a super long tunnel system, four incredible homes and lost my file only wanting to start where I began in the same seed. I have discovered the fun of nocturnal mob hunting, and even discovered how to make my first large Redstone sliding door – which I admit took a whole lot longer to build as I built it backwards twice! Join me, your SimWorld games guru Nathaniel Jackson as I once again work to make the main house successful, and our new tunnel down to the vacation house work as well. You can watch MineCraft Adventures on SimWorld TV!

Below is a list of the episodes of MineCraft Adventures.