Week 22: Conversations & Homework Club

Liana starts her new club – Kid’s Homework Club. Denver starts rethinking her relationship.

During the weekly Sunday breakfast, Geoffrey orders omelets for Liana, Leland, and Ephrem.  Geoffrey orders his egg benedicts and a scramble for Denver.  While waiting for their food to be served, Denver has a deep meaningful conversation with Geoffrey.

At one point at the romance festival on Saturday night, in Week 21, Denver learned from the festival guru, Sondra, there would be a death between Layne and her relationship.  While she is unclear, and even for us whether that means Layne or Denver will die.  She wanted to reclaim their friendship as wanted to let Geoffrey know how sorry she was leaving him.

Later that evening back at the condominium, Denver had a conversation with Layne about how she apologized to Geoffrey for leaving him. That offended Layne while he was working on writing a commercial jingle.  She tried explaining what the festival guru said but he did not want to listen anymore to her.

While Denver’s Artist’s Guild has a terrific skyline view, they were beginning to run out of room.  Layne and Denver pushed out the wall towards the bathroom that Liana, Ephrem, and Leland use.

After school later that week, Layne was telling a story about something that happened at work.  Ephrem thought it was funny while Leland was sad.

With Leland’s birthday next week with his twin brother, Ephrem you can also see his signs of aging as he also has the freckles given by his dad.

Wednesday after school, Liana started her own Kid’s Homework Club.  This club is only welcome to children and teenagers.  Her rules with the club are they have to wear uniforms.  Children have denim while the teenagers have a bowling type jersey and denim.

This club meets every weekday to spend one hour on homework together as a group.  Following their work, they can play video games, socialize, or watch television.  Liana invited all the Snell children to be a part of the club along with a few others.

On Friday night, Denver wanted to take Layne, the children and two of Liana’s club members out for dinner at the diner downtown.