Week 23: Ephrem & Leland Have Birthdays & Liana Purchases Restaurant

Liana was disappointed in the service and food quality at the Chez Llama restaurant the family goes to every Sunday in downtown, learn how her new investment is doing.

Over the last two weeks, and more importantly today the service and food quality at the Chez Llama restaurant downtown has been shown signs of disappointment.  Liana thoroughly checked out the restaurant and even talked with the chef.  It came across that the chef was overworked.  Liana skipped out on the weekly breakfast with the family to go back home.  Once there she looked into a bank loan of §200,000.  At the time of purchasing the restaurant becoming the owner, the restaurant had closed for the remainder of the day.  She went back as the family was leaving to come home.  While construction was not complete for the restaurant, one of the changes she made was adding a second host station to the front of the house.  Her ideas include remodeling the kitchen to allow a second chef; in addition will be to hire more wait staff.

Meanwhile, back home in the tower, Denver and Geoffrey began talking more about various things.

While Layne was off in another part of the condominium, he thought he heard Denver flirting with her ex-husband Geoffrey.  When Layne joined the two, he confronted Denver who was shocked to thinking she would do such a thing.

Just to make sure there were no ‘feelings’ for Denver, Layne made sure that was the case with Geoffrey.  Luckily, the kids were not watching.

I do not know about you Simmers, but I am glad there are no weapons in this game as one of these men would be dead by now with the hatred they have between them.  


As the fight between Geoffrey and Layne were ending, Leland walks up to Denver and Layne.  Layne was in the middle of apologizing to Denver for the accusation.  Denver had a smug face thinking ‘Yeah right, and you do not know I am seeing and had sex with Geoffrey.’

Monday was a quiet day in the Reyes/Altman household as Denver played with Javonte, who by the way has his birthday next week.  Denver later on by the afternoon prepared several dishes for the week for the family to eat.  After school Leland taken a shower and was working on homework.  Liana not going down to the restaurant stayed home to watch the evening newscast.


Wednesday was birthdays for Leland and Ephrem, while they wanted to celebrate with the family.  Liana, Ephrem, and Leland called into school as ‘sick’ to spend at home.

Denver thought it would be cool to take the kids over to the estate where they grew up.  While she was hoping Geoffrey was home, he was off probably at work.  She got started baking a beautiful two-tier marble cake.


Denver brought down the marble cake to downstairs outside the Powerhouse gym to celebrate the boys’ birthday.  Leland was first to age up, you can learn about Leland’s new traits in the website bio.

Next to have his birthday was Ephrem, while he took a little longer to decide on his wish.  He blew out the candles and aged up to a nice looking teenager.


Following the birthday celebration, and eating cake.  Ephrem went to check his e-mail as Geoffrey just came home and congratulated his son’s accomplishment.

Rather than checking his e-mail, Geoffrey and Ephrem talked about what a teenager is like.

Do not worry, there was nothing like sex in the conversation.  Ephrem may look 16, he is only 13.


Later on that evening Ephrem held his first Powerhouse session.  Geoffrey came down to check it out but was not pictured.  As you can see this were Ephrem’s first attempts at using weights and yoga.

Eventually, the children went to bed in their childhood beds and bedrooms.

I hope that there will be a day the kids will move back to the estate, then we can take the chance and remodel!


Leland after breakfast before going to high school went to the old home of the Artist’s Guild studio to think about what he could do to help his mom, Denver out with the organization.

Denver was meeting Geoffrey for a dinner date at the remodeled Chez Llama restaurant owned by Liana.


The hostess was very punctual in getting Denver seated with Geoffrey.  Geoffrey did not wait one minute to begin expressing his love.

Geoffrey ordered their entrées for Denver and him.  It was at that time Denver explained to Geoffrey that Liana bought the restaurant.


Denver waited until the waiter left with their order before getting up to give her love to her former high school sweetheart.

Why doesn’t she just end up breaking up with Layne already?  Quit dragging this on!

You can also see by the way a little of the remodeled construction of the restaurant.  Liana had taken out the bar and added more couples only seating.

Something with the food or service does not please Geoffrey.  Is it perhaps the ambiance, food quality or something else?  Maybe he could tell Denver so she can relay this on to Liana.


Back at home, the next morning before school, brothers Ephrem and Leland took a selfie together for ClickChat.

Hey! At least ClickChat has not invented that dog filter, hopefully they will not…

Even Liana gets in on a selfie with her brother, Ephrem.  Oh, did you also notice our casual photo bomber, Leland, there?


What comes around goes around, as for the photo-bombing card.  Ephrem unbeknownstly had his back to the camera as Leland and Liana were taking their shot.

Friday before school, Ephrem found himself struggling with the building’s garbage chute.  Rather than having Layne call the superintendent (as Layne’s name is on the lease) Ephrem worked to get the chute open.


While Denver was at work on Friday when Leland came home from school, he decided on holding an Artist’s Guild session.  Leland himself began to learn the skill of painting.  Once Denver came back from work and noticed a painting session was underway with the guild.  She found Leland and watched him while pointing out how to make things easier.

Early Saturday morning before anyone else was up, Leland decided after painting last night that he wanted to quit high school and help more with the Artist’s Guild. He opted of taking an early-morning barista job at the coffeehouse.


While Liana has been busy the last several days with school, and her brothers’ birthday.  Liana stopped by Saturday night to the restaurant to discover there has been a total of 58 customers the last week, while the review rating for the customers has brought Chez Llama to 1 ½ stars.  She has not made much money because of the extra wages she has to pay.  Liana is paying two chefs, two hosts, and three waiters/waitresses.