Meet the Founder’s Generation

In December 2015, a decision was made to move forward for a new series of The Sims Legacy Story. We welcome our new founder’s generation!

References to real people, animal names, events, establishments, organizations, or locales are intended only to provide a sense of authenticity and are used fictitiously. All other characters, and all incidents and dialogue, are drawn from the game editor’s imagination, and are not construed as real.

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Denver Altman

Denver Altman (Hutson) is originally from Sunlit Tides where she became good friends with Geoffrey Altman.  It was their decision even at their young age to run away from home, as their parents were negligent.  Geoffrey and Denver moved into a newly established town of Newcrest where a few houses were being built.

In Denver’s late teenage years, she had asked Geoffrey, her boyfriend at the time for financial assistance in the construction of an art studio in which she would start her club, The Artist’s Guild in which at the starting time had two members other than her.  This as she moved into her young adult years expanded to five members other than herself.  She had used the profits from the paintings to remodel the kitchen, and upgrade the appliances, improve the home from the old outdated computer and television to more modern.  Her most recent wave of profits renovated the studio and gallery to a more comfortable setting.

Denver was thrown a surprise birthday party in the middle of her club meeting, and on the very same day was proposed to by Geoffrey.  How could you not resist?  A few days later with the help of the club, Denver and Geoffrey had their wedding in the art studio.  It was only a few days later after she announced that she is pregnant!  Denver also upon becoming a young adult started her career of a painter, which is very similar to her club.  Surprisingly her supervisor is one of the club members.

Denver later gives birth to her first daughter Liana, it was not long after this from the happiness Geoffrey and Denver had she was expecting again!  This time it turned out to be twin boys Ephrem and Leland.  Eventually, Denver and Geoffrey were running out of space in their Newcrest home with the two clubs, and their new family.  It was the time they all moved to a bigger estate in Willow Hills where there is no overstepping of each other and a dedicated room for each club.

As the years went on for Denver’s young adult life, she started having feelings for one of her club members, Layne Reyes.  As a matter of fact, Denver at one moment had sex with Layne that caused her to become pregnant for the third time.  She concealed her pregnancy for a while around Geoffrey.  Furthermore, she gave birth to Layne and her first son, Javonte.  Sooner or later for Denver, the love won over Layne as fights broke out between her high school boyfriend and this newcomer. Recently Geoffrey decided it was enough and divorced Denver even though they wanted to work this out in front of the children.  Denver was asked to leave and now lives with Layne in a downtown apartment with Leland, and their son Javonte.  Denver retained her birth name – Denver Hutson.  However, this may change as after getting settled in, Layne did propose to Denver, and while she accepted the answer, she is beginning to have doubts.

Denver is very enthusiastic about arts.  She develops her skills much more when she is inspired whether it is working with painting, composing or listening to music.  Denver loves being creative, as she loves the art she sees in others as well as hers.

Geoffrey Altman

Geoffrey Altman is originally from Sunlit Tides where he became good friends with Denver Altman (Hutson) while attending school.  It was their decision even at their young age to run away from home, as their parents were negligent.  Geoffrey and Denver moved into a newly established town of Newcrest where a few houses were being built.

In his late teenage years, he joined the city’s popular athletic club, Powerhouse.  It was here he became friends with most of the post-high school jocks.  It was not long after joining that Geoffrey took ownership of the club, and reinvented itself.  As Geoffrey’s teenage years were ending, he found himself in depression.  That went away two weeks later when his eternity partner and girlfriend Denver had her birthday.  Geoffrey on the same day proposed to Denver in which she accepted.  After getting married in front of both her club, The Artist’s Guild and Powerhouse, he was told by Denver big news!  He was going to be a father!

Geoffrey became the father of his first daughter, Liana.  After the excitement with Denver continued, he later found out she was pregnant again now with their first twin boys, Ephrem and Leland.  After the years progressed with their growing family, Denver and he moved to a larger estate home.

Geoffrey is very enthusiastic about finding a soul mate, and when he met Denver in Sunlit Tides, he knew she was the one.  Towards the end of Geoffrey’s young adult weeks, he noticed his first love has been seeing another loser – Layne Reyes, who happened to be a Powerhouse member.  While Geoffrey really wanted to have the relationship work out without having a divorce with Denver.  She continued to see Layne.  After having to kick out a member of the club for the first time, then to make the ultimate sacrifice of divorcing and evicting Denver, he was very heartbroken.

Geoffrey comes off being very appealing and romantic.  Geoffrey loves to dance, so if he is listening to music alone or with friends, he will certainly get his groove on.  Geoffrey is someone who likes to hang out with the popular people from the neighborhood or school.  Geoffrey loves watching sports and becomes energized.  His favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

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